Muslim nurses in the UK have now been granted the option of participating in medical operations without washing their hands. If this gives you the willies and makes you feel a bit icky inside, it should. Washing hands is a basic tenet of good hygiene and helps prevent the spread of diseases and infections, especially to those most susceptible to them, such as individuals receiving an operation. Check out the reason given by these nurses to justify this insanity.The demand first derived from Islamic Sharia Law. Muslim nurses feared that washing their hands in the operating room, “compromises their modesty.” Of course, medical experts argued that not practicing proper sanitation before a procedure compromises the safety of patients instead.

Still, Muslim nurses now have the option to wear disposable plastic over-sleeves, rather than scrubbing their hands. The Department of Health in the UK addressed concerns about the solution by stating that “the guidance is intended to balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs.” So it’s true. Sharia law is actually hazardous to your health. Wonder if it would be possible to get a Surgeon General’s warning slapped on every Koran sold in the U.S.?

While UK medical officials are taking a few steps to limit the nurse’s exposure to patients, this is still gross and shouldn’t be allowed. If washing their hands in public violates their religion, they have the freedom to pursue a different career path.

To allow this type of egregious neglect of basic hygiene puts people unnecessarily at risk for developing an infection. Hopefully common sense will prevail and this allowance will be overturned. One more reason to be thankful we don’t have a healthcare system like Britain’s.

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