HORROR: Islamists Slaughter Thousands of Innocent Dogs Using Brutally Sick Weapon

Islamic legal tradition has traditionally made dogs to be seen as impure and warns Muslims to not have any contact with them. This belief has lead to the neglect and abuse of many dogs. In the VERY graphic video below, these men use acid injections on dogs and watch them die a very painful death while the acid burns away at their internal organs.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Why would they use such a horrendously inhumane method?” she asked. “My guess is that they’ve been steeped in an environment that eschews kindness and specializes in cultivating various types of barbarity.” In short, they have been raised in the culture of radical Islam, which views dogs (particularly stray ones) as a negative presence — a black sheep that must be removed by any means necessary, no matter how cruel and despicable. This is disgusting that any human being can do this to these innocent animals and sit there and watch their painful death. These people have no conscience. This is just the tip of the iceberg of radical Islam, they see no value in life and have no conscience when it comes to the torture and death of innocent animals.

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