WATCH: Imam and Syrian Terror Commander caught having sex with his granddaughter

Imam and Syrian Terror Commander caught having sex with his granddaughter. Until he gets caught and scrambles to put his pants on. How about that. Grandpa is mounting her like he would mount his camel or donkey we have refused to show the photos that contain him in the act with his GRANDDAUGHTER Following the footsteps of the pedo-prophet of Islam.

Had it been someone else he would have ordered their execution to comply with Allah’s laws. But when it is himself, he suddenly feels remorseful and wants to be pardoned. This is how Muslims are all the time. Complete hypocrites. And they can never let other people lead their own lives without always trying to control them. A video of a bearded man allegedly raping his own granddaughter has gone viral on YouTube, recording more than 150 thousand hits in a few hours. The video claims that the man is Sheikh Mohamad Kassem (or Qasim) Al Nasouh, an Imam in Deir El Zour, Syria, and a leader of the Ahbab Al Sahaba Islamist brigade. Arabic News websites have widely reported on the video, while the Egypt Today website quoted activists saying that the man is indeed an Imam.

The video shows the man from a distance with the granddaughter, who seemed to be begging her allegedly maternal grandfather to stop. Seconds later, the man shooting the video surprises the grandfather, shouting “you are having sex with your granddaughter”, and then starts an interrogation, leading to the man’s confession. The grandfather claims that this is the first time this has happened.

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